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Wake up the neighbors
No more shutting eyes
pull pupils open in distress
No pinch me nightmares
No LSD in your cheerios
Thirty years of decline
Thirty years of apologizing for the Exxon monster
The BP brigade
Sniffling over Koch creations
Our environment has shed us

It’s a state of emergency, a peaking sense of numb
there’s a pivotal urgency, what could have we possibly done?
What was once stability is slipping from under our thumbs
Now embrace tragedy, count minutes until we’re done

We kept letting it go
said “death to humanity”
we kept letting it go
Means nothing to you or me

We remained motionless when things began to change
ignored extremities, kept eyes glued on today
No drive to make things right, minds constantly astray
Kept sights away from the concerning and the strange

I opened eyes in 2009, too late to make a change
too late for us to right our wrongs and fix our burning states
too late to lay a million sobbing crosses for our fates
too swift, too soon, no second chances, ridding us for all of our mistakes

Do they all get it? too late to find elsewhere or to regret it
made marks too deep to repair so forget it
made messes so its only fair we get it
made masses think, “we’re okay so don’t sweat it”
made morons fight against the ones who said it

and now we’re living movies that we shrugged off years ago
apocalypse is creeping up like late night sci-fi shows
ignorance is only pushing dirt onto our feet
we kept living for the day and so we’ve traded living for catastrophe

When picturing the future I see no bright mornings
no sunshine lines across the living room
I fear that we’re to live the things we’ve written of for years

doom, please enter quickly
please do not dwell on me while I am sinking
doom, please enter swiftly
prove to me the evils I’m predicting

Everything we all have loved is ripped away
based on acts of elders and prolonging their mistakes
Sell a mask of helping hands but no one really cares

so eat your eco meals, sip organic wine
recycling repeat, these actions so divine
discuss with prius people how we’ll be just fine
give up, give in, we’re done, just let us die

Ignored research ignored facts
in order to keep wallets fat
ignored warnings ignored cries
in order to keep profits high

We’re ripping resource from the dirt
squeezing each drop from the earth
Life cannot overrule the green
Save the rich monopolies

Sought convenience sought to save
Applauded profit-pulling ways
decreased health and increased wage
how did living get this way?

aspirations tangible
only want materials
ignore outside ignore real life
clutch your fortune as we die

Is living just a joke when there’s money to be made?
Keep pushing for extinction as long as you get paid
How did this mentality develop and decide
That fortune is forever, doesn’t matter if you die

Sick of the way we live
sick of giving reasons for it
sick of greedy activity
why can’t we learn some humility
sick of seeing injustice and death
We asked for change and wasted our breath
so now we’re asking to just be dead
Should have listened when they said

This progressing nightmare is now reality
Forget the highest income and just take what you need
but gimmie gimmie gimmie is all you had to say
No future on your mind, only focused on today

Solidified the future
dialed in demise
‘Cause every single one of us
turned a blind eye
Don’t look now

Eradicate a medium
Gimme what you got
No moderation
no second thoughts
Empty world

Do they all get it? the moment came and went and we let it
ignored the warning sign when we read it
picked profit over people, said “forget it”
lived in the present day, now we regret it
beg for forgiveness from the ones who said it

Take in what we have done
Drink from the Citarum
Vacation to Ahvaz
Breathe in New Delhi fog

Too late to go back
Smothered world
Sick earth
No care to react
Careless people
Covered eyes

It’s hard to love the land you’re from
when it’s succumb to rising seas
At least the mega churches stand tall
Shelter for hungry and diseased
Severity is reality
Those warning signs weren’t for fun
This isn’t myth or conspiracy
thirty years more and we’re done

Write it off as propaganda
With flat world attitudes
Don’t wanna fix filthy habits
Calamity is absolute
This generation is a goner
Place the problem in our hands
This living ain’t for much longer
now that we’ve narrowed in the chance

Blood shot eyes shot open late last night
clutching quickly for the drink by his bed
heard the sounds of the ground peeling off of the earth
rattled his bones and rushed the blood to his head
Walking down to the kitchen watched the lights stir up
pots and pans on the walls went to swaying
cracked a beer, lit a joint and sat at the table
muttered ‘bout the tricks his eyes were playing
looked at all the family photos hanging there on the wall
and in the corner of his eye he saw them shaking
one by one with the shaking they all started to fall
smashing down on the floor, set the whole house quaking
Started boarding up the windows
but thick winds all wanted them open
so he wrapped himself in blankets with a bible by his chest
and knew right then that it was god who had spoken

this ain’t some gods work
we must take full responsibility
our actions led to tragedy
The earth reacts accordingly
pushing us off, wiping us out
fossilized disasters
what was once the leading race
is buried for its selfish actions

take and take with no reservation
no thoughts of consequence
Thinking only of convenience
Remove all common sense

Take and take like this place is ours
to reap and drain for profit
profit leads to nothing
when we’re dropping it in coffins

breathing in debris
drinking toxicity
breathing in debris
drinking toxicity

harvest trees now we can’t breathe
pollution clouds now we can’t see
nature’s dead and we can’t eat
Consequence of human greed
We kept on letting it go

We’re sick of living the way we live
we’re sick of giving reasons for it
we’re sick of greedy activity
why can’t we learn some humility
we’re sick of seeing injustice and death
We asked for change and wasted our breath
so now we’re asking to just be dead
You should have listened to what they said


from Oms, released November 3, 2015



all rights reserved


OUT Boston, Massachusetts

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